Version française Traducteur Norville Date de parution 1671 modifier La Poétique (en grec: Περὶ ποιητικῆς / Perì poiêtikês , « De la poétique ») est un ouvrage d’ Aristote portant … Mettre sa voix en jeu dans la lecture d’un texte poétique phrases verbales et non verbales dition liés à la letu e d’un Français - Littérature CE2 7 séances + séances décrochées La poésie Arts plastiques Selon la forme du poème : -Rime ou prose : illustration -Haïkus-Calligrammes 2 London, Pergamon Press. comprehension, memorization, and production). ARISTOTE Librairie Garnier Frères, collection "Chefs d'oeuvres de la littérature grecque", 1922. Raters who judged the quality of the summaries found summaries from stories that corresponded to a familiar story schema more informative than those from stories for which they did not have an appropriate schema, even when the latter accurately summarized the story in question. mental models. Then participants performed a variety of tasks, either immediately or at a 2-day delay. The goal of cognitive psychology is to construct and validate models of human processing of the complex forms of written/spoken information structured by the syntactic and semantic rules of the language (i.e., It is argued that the interactionistic approach of text processing (texts interact with readers) is inadequate to explain textual comprehension. Cependant, au fil … Il secondo modello è incentrato sulla nozione di spazio mentale ed è utilizzato per costruire le rappresentazioni dei processi cognitivi legati al trattamento dell'informazione durante la comunicazione. Development, 22, 127-136. Reconnaître ces techniques c’est se donner des outils pour interpréter un texte poétique. Texte e"tabli et traduit par J. HARDY. Advanced Search. of spatial strategies (Casey 2003). LES TEXTES qui uTiLiSEnT LE LangagE PoéTiquE ou mETTEnT En éviDEncE LE choiX DE moTS, D’imagES ET DE SonoriTéS. Littérature -- Terminologie. The results provide empirical evidence for the theoretical claim that the reading experience is a function of - amongst other things - the text's linguistic structure. PDF | Résumé L'étude du texte poétique et de sa compréhension permet une confrontation des différents types d'approche qui ont été proposés. The construction of Poetic meaning. 1874. Learning and Instruction, Vol. construction and integration of meaning, which depends on specific situations. In some significant way the subjects shifted the focus of attention from non-literary (‘common’) strategies to literary ones if and only if they felt free to refer to their past experience with literature and came up to ‘construe’ marks of the usually unintelligible text as signals of a poetical background. Towards the integration of linguistic and psychological levels of description, Point-driven understanding: Pragmatic and cognitive dimensions of literary reading, Knowledge Organization and Text Organization, Reconstructive recall of linguistic style, Handbook of discourse analysis / edited by Teun A. Pour un art poétique Prenez un mot prenez en deux faites les cuir' comme des œufs prenez un petit bout de sens puis un grand morceau d'innocence faites chauffer à petit feu au petit feu de la technique versez la sauce énigmatique saupoudrez de quelques étoiles poivrez et mettez les voiles Où voulez vous donc en venir ? Several previous investigations of story recall have consistently found that certain story constituents are better recalled than others, suggesting a universal, underlying representation for a story. 1 MDL – AP IA 17 Lire, dire, écrire des textes poétiques en classe Travail effectué en partie en utilisant le dossier poésie à l’école proposé par le Ministère de la Jeunesse, de l'Éducation nationale et de la Recherche Direction de l'Enseignement scolaire ainsi que le dossier « initiation poétique à l’école » proposé par Lionel Pausanias (I.E.N). %�쏢 The cognitive science approach to processing can be applied successfully to the analysis of cognitive functioning; it possesses formal tools which can be used to construct models of this type. LES STROPHES Les strophes sont des groupes de vers séparés par un espace. POÉTIQUE traduction entièrement nouvelle d'après les dernières recensions du texte par Ch. Analyse du discours littéraire. We conclude that audience design must play a central role in any adequate theory of understanding. Le traitement cognitif des differents types d'enonces a ete etudie a l'entree, en enregistrant les temps de lecture, et a la sortie, en analysant les rappels libres immediat et differe (8 jours) de 60 sujets âges de 16 a 18 ans. En quoi ce recours peut-il nous permettre de considérer l’ensemble du système d’activité, incluant acteurs et artefacts, en vue de mieux les concevoir (Kaptelinin, 2003) ? Pour un art poétique Prenez un mot prenez en deux faites les cuir' comme des œufs prenez un petit bout de sens puis un grand morceau d'innocence faites chauffer à petit feu au petit feu de la technique versez la sauce énigmatique saupoudrez de quelques étoiles poivrez et mettez les voiles The metrical structure clearly enhanced aesthetic pleasure experienced in reading the text, while it also heightened readers' ability to recognize the correct phrasings from amongst a group of distractors. Le texte poétique Définitions Les rimes Les vers Un _____ = une ligne dans un poème. ), The Poetics of Multilingualism – La Poétique du plurilinguisme, Cambridge, Cambridge MOTS-CLES : Méthode instrumentale, genèse instrumentale, système d’instruments, conception participative. Objective procedures were developed to classify the style of the reconstructed responses and the results showed that a large proportion of the total responses consisted of the predicted types of reconstructive errors. C’est en vain qu’au Parnasse un téméraire auteur Pense de l’art des vers atteindre la hauteur. The fact that subjects transformed the syntactic form and relative location of certain categorial information during recall suggests use of story schema operations at retrieval. France.) De la poétique à l’analyse du discours publicitaire: l’hypertextualité, entre intertextualité et architextualité @inproceedings{Lugrin2006DeLP, title={De la po{\'e}tique {\`a} l’analyse du discours publicitaire: l’hypertextualit{\'e}, entre intertextualit{\'e} et architextualit{\'e}}, author={G. Lugrin}, year={2006} } G. Lugrin; Published 2006; Art; This contribution firstly redefines the three notions of intertextuality, … La suite des idées- y est souvent peu claire, la phrase est chargée d'incidentes qui semblent rompre- le développement logique, quelquefois même la construction grammaticale paraît impossible à établir. In this paper, we extend the concept of cognitive fit to also account for the congruence between the external information and the internal representation of the user. éd., rev. HARDY-BROWN, K., (1979), Formal operations and the issue of Danielle Dubois & Christa Delahaye* RESUMO. Created Date: 1/31/2007 5:35:50 PM In this paper, the relative importance of the three paradigms is discussed, viz. Differential decay rates for the wording and meaning of the text and for situational information were observed. Method Dual-task methodology was used. I Définition. the low MR group might be impaired by spatial concurrent task. by Henry Adams Bellows, [1936], full text etext at task; as control condition, no secondary task was performed. generalizability: The analysis of poetry by college students. Le Dantec. ), Psychological approaches to the study of literary (VSWM) in the processing of illustrated (Gyselinck et al. Prendendo in prestito la terminologia della moderna ingegneria del software, si considera la robustezza "in the small" e la robustezza "in the large". texte par Ch. selection and variation. 15, 145 -154. Write a customer review. 26 Addeddate 2009-01-21 19:17:29 Call number AER-1199 Camera … This research aims to study the effect of staging of a text on the interpretation of this text. Data l'evidente complessità, risulta chiaro che il problema può essere risolto soltanto in misura parziale. We argue that the speaker designs each utterance for specific listeners, and they, in turn, make essential use of this fact in understanding that utterance. DENHIERE, G., & DESCHENES, A.J. Supplementary Materials. In the first chapter the state of the art in empirical research on literary discourse processing is summarized. CM1-CM2- Production écrit - Texte poétique.pdf . It is followed by a discussion of diverging aspects of linguistic and psychological levels of description in statements on language processing. In E. De Corte, J.L. The experiment reported in this paper deals with the question of how readers manage their understanding of problematic notions of textual material. Lecture, rappel, reconnaissance, JEUX TEXTUELS AVEC LE TEMPS DES ACTIONS: 'MANUAL DE INSTRUCCIONES' DE JULIO CORTÁZAR, Cognitive psychology and text processing: From text representation to text-world, L'interaction narration * description dans le récit. These results are interpreted to mean that alternative high-level schemata can provide frameworks for assimilating a text, perhaps by providing "slots" for different types of information. Paris 1996 (= Bibliothèque de la Pléiade). Denis LEGROS -le traitement du texte poétique. Properties of the networks were compared in multiple regression analyses with other factors, notably the story-grammar categories of the events. An additional finding was that working memory moderated children’s ability to connect actions and goals. Mots clés : Cognition et Sémiotique interprétative, Théâtralisation, Rappel, Inférence Recent research in Cognitive Science points out the necessity of explicitness in object constitution for research on aesthetic and non-aesthetic processes of text comprehension. Emile Ruelle, Bibliothécaire à la bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève. the Arts 2 (2), 173-193, L'acquisition de connaissances à partir de textes : influence de l'âge et des connaissances antérieures sur l'utilisation des ressources cognitives et la récupération de l'information en mémoire. In the second part of the thesis I discuss how cognitive aspects can be integrated into a Language Engineering environment leading to the notion of Cognitive Language Enginering. development Study of Symbolic and Non-Symbolic Strategies in 9, 77-110, TRABASSO, T., & SPERRY, L.L., (1985), Causal Reladness and Recherche Direction de l'Enseignement scolaire ainsi que le dossier « initiation poétique à l’école » proposé par Lionel Pausanias (I.E.N). R. Kassel, Aristotle's Ars Poetica. Add tags for "Poétique des textes". Texte gr. SHIMRON, J., (1980), Psychological process behind the comprehension Il problema della robustezza nell'ambito dei sistemi per la gestione del dialogo è affrontato allo stesso tempo dal punto di vista computazionale e cognitivo. Emile Ruelle, Bibliothécaire à la bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève. Si propone quindi un ambiente per il Language Engeneering il cui obiettivo è quello di conciliare sia aspetti di software engineering che aspetti di tipo cognitivo, come per esempio la rappresentazione del modello mentale del parlante nel contesto di un dialogo. RÉSUMÉ : Le recours à la notion d’instrument, tant psychologique que technique, contribue à l’approche de Vygotski du « comportement humain fondée sur le matérialisme dialectique et historique » (Vygotski, 1934/1997, p. 188). William Stadfford's "Travelling through the dark"; Some relations Poetics 9, 313 -327. Does spatial interference affect spatial text processing in individuals with high mental rotation ab... An intelligent algorithm for automatic document summarization. Dans la quatrieme partie on presentera les travaux mettant en evidence l'influence, sur la recuperation, de l'identite de l'etat emotionnel du sujet lors de la memorisation et lors du rappel. Effacer le champ de recherche. the relative value of the linguistic word categorization, the semantic paradigm, and the medical fact delineation. The study of the comprehension of a poetic text allows a confrontation between the different models which have been given by the specialists. A - Les représentations. Students in this condition showed superior performance on inference verifications as well as on difficult, creative problem-solving tests that required a deeper understanding of the material. Aristotle. Poétique d'Aristote (Nouv. 3 S’il ne sent point du Ciel l’influence secrète, 4 Si son astre en naissant ne l’a formé poète, 5 Dans son génie étroit il est toujours captif ; Hugo, Victor; Hugo, Victor-Marie; … littérature -- poétique -- texte. Le groupe témoin (G2) relit le texte. 16 subjects were tested individually while reading presented unknown textual material and thinking out loud. Télécharger en PDF . The results of the pilot study indicate the existence of polyvalent discourse processes, but they also point to the necessity of further research to look for the influence of different literary texts on cognition. In this framework, individuals are defined as complex systems of information processing that are restricted by the cognitive resources they can allocate to processing and by their limited storage capacities. I tackle the difficult problem of robust dialogue management from both a cognitive and computational perspective. Computational analysis of networks pulled out of textual data is a growing area of research for the following reasons: - The large and, During reading, words that are congruent with the prior text’s meaning can help update the reader’s mental model of the text. J.-C. LE TEXTE PoéTiquE LES TEXTES qui uTiLiSEnT LE LangagE PoéTiquE ou mETTEnT En éviDEncE LE choiX DE moTS, D’imagES ET DE SonoriTéS. Emile Ruelle, Bibliothécaire à la bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève. Subjects who are assigned to either of the two models of external representation (propositional networks, PNs, and object-oriented, OO) are provided domain-based information. / trad. Uno degli aspetti fondamentali su cui ho prestato particolare attenzione è il problema della robustezza. française par Ch. The results favor the existence of OO-like features to attain cognitive economy in human information processing. In the second experiment, the speed-accuracy trade-off in sentence verification for two subject groups with different prior knowledge was studied for old verbatim sentences and inferences. I propose two frameworks for the semantic representation and assimilation of information into the dialogue information state. ... Nous pouvons conclure que le théâtre à l'école constitue un atout précieux non seulement pour développer la confiance en soi des élèves, leur autonomie et leurs capacités réflexives, mais aussi et d'abord leurs capacités de compréhension, de cocompréhension et d'interprétation des textes, des autres et du monde. The second framework is centered on the notion of mental space and it is used to build representations of the cognitive processing of information during communication. • Comprendre un texte littéraire et l'interpréter. Tatillon Claude , Sonorités et texte poétique, collection « Studia Phonetica », Montréal, Didier, 1976, 144 p. The basis for representing narrative events in memory was investigated in reanalyses of the stories and data of R. C. Omanson (1982b, Journal of Verbal Learning and Verbal Behavior, 21, 326–337) and N. L. Stein and C. G. Glenn (1979, In New Directions in Discourse Processing, Hillsdale, NJ, Erlbaum). The article gives a report on the theory and the results of a research project on the cognitive explanation of literary and expository texts. L'étude du texte poétique et de sa compréhension permet une confrontation des différents types d'approche qui ont été proposés. In the first experiment, subjects read brief texts and were then tested for recognition with verbatim old sentences, paraphrases, inferences, and contextually related and unrelated new distractor sentences after delays from 0 to 4 days. Text memorisation was tested by free recall and sentence verification Presents an analysis of prose narratives that allows content to be identified as central and provides a priori rationale for why the content is central. sur l'utilisation des ressources cognitives et la récupération de J.-C.). An understanding of the process of text comprehension is approached through propositions and macropropositions recalled after reading the text, in the course of recall and summarization tasks. France.) The theory provides a good quantitative account of the data. still growing number of electronically available texts requires the investigation of appropriate methods and tools to analyze large scale collections of texts effectively and efficiently. construction-integration model. Search Help; List of … Narratives were presented either with an illustration that mirrored the situation described in the goal, or without an illustration. summarizing the text before answering MC questions. In E. Ochs and B. Schieffelin, (Eds. The effect of reading purpose o... Representational congruence and information retrieval: Towards an extended model of cognitive fit, Connecting goals and actions during reading: The role of illustrations, Cognitive language engineering towards robust human-computer interaction, AutoMap1.2 - Extract, analyze, represent, and compare mental models from texts, Integrative and predictive processes in text reading: the N400 across a sentence boundary, A multi-level text representation model within background knowledge based on human cognitive process, Cognitive Models of Clinical Reasoning and Conceptual Representation. languages and paradigms should provide powerful frameworks for developing computer-based applications. « Poétique ») qui 1. Temps 1 : Compréhension • Les élèves épondent d’ao d … In questa dissertazione mi sono concentrato sui vari aspetti legati al secondo problema, cercando di sviluppare una linea metodologica per la progetazione di applicazioni interattive basate sull'uso del linguaggio naturale, come ad esempio, i sistemi di domanda-risposta e i sistemi di dialogo a iniziativa mista. ARISTOTE Librairie Garnier Frères, collection "Chefs d'oeuvres de la littérature grecque", 1922. Pp. Analogously, a form of reading in which readers expect to be able to impute motives to authors may also be called point-driven; it is a mode that seems especially useful for reading so-called ‘literary’ texts. La célébration de la femme aimée en poésie connaît son essor grâce à Pétrarque (Italie, XVè), repris en … Title: La Poétique de Houellebecq: réalisme, satire, mythe Language: French, 250 pages English Title: Houellebecq’s Poetics: Realism, Satire, Myth Author: Jacob Carlson University/Department/Year: University of Gothenburg (Sweden) / Department of Languages and Literatures, Box 200, SE 405 30, Göteborg ISBN: 978-91-978545-1-1 Ph.D. dissertation at University of Gothenburg, Sweden, 14 May … The results indicate an effect of the staged text on the number of recalled informations and on inferential answers. The present study examined this possibility by controlling for the semantic content of settings, initiating events, internal responses, consequences, and reactions across versions of the same story. Prior knowledge and story processing : integration, selection and variation. The reconstructive-style hypothesis was used to integrate a range of experimental findings from studies of memory for text. group listened to spatial and non-spatial texts while performing a spatial (spatial tapping) or verbal (articulatory) concurrent in the high MR group have more general VSWM ability, they might be less susceptible to spatial interference effects, while Pp. BAUDET, S., & DENHIERE, G. (1988) La conduite de récit en fonction ; Les vers les plus courants sont l’hexasyllabe (6 syllabes), l’octosyllabe (8), le décasyllabe (10) et l’alexandrin (12). ; Also known as the Sæmundar Edda, or the Elder Edda, is a collection of Old Norse poems primarily preserved in the Icelandic mediaeval manuscript Codex Regius.Along with Snorri Sturluson's Prose Edda, the Poetic Edda is the most important extant source on Norse mythology and Germanic heroic legends. {��ƪZ��^��opi0�����gV��.����P�_����a���7eO�U^'������f�yr#˜�Ge���L�!�/C����20��f�xs�߆.�n�=� �F�����Ar��^u��&f�� �хf�_�C�d-�םŻԕ��ԙU�TQ�b�{[��B��*Ӕ�WY3�'fń��k9��Ua��X#�j���r�`�8)�X��ˑ,f+[e���p �.�*4�z�@v�۫zX����_5�Qu��]��Qȇm�&�q�Q}aC�Iq�>��7�;0�1)��0��\vL���5�Kb6�����"��Z��|+�ۚ� 5ݿ��a)�U�{s�� It is argued that for children's following given conventions, i.e. Psychological approaches to the study of literary narratives. Télécharger en PDF . The present author's own response to the poem is discussed, and student responses are classified according to typical operations (i.e., staging, hedging, citing, associating with key words, paraphrasing, normalizing, generalizing). Participants read narratives that conveyed a character’s goal early in the text, and an action was described later on that was either consistent or inconsistent with the goal. En effet, les syllabes ne sont pas toutes prononcées de manière identique : un accent d'intensité souligne la dernière syllabe (ou l'avant-dernière quand la dernière comporte un e muet) d'un mot ou d'un groupe de mots. Nella seconda parte della tesi, si discute dell'integrazione degli aspetti cognitivi nel Language Engineering, fino ad arrivare alla formulazione della nozione di Cognitive Language Engineering. premiers textes exposent l’hypothèse de base, les deux derniers l’illustrent à l’aide de différents exemples. On the other, suitable, AutoMap1.2 is a network text analysis tool that extracts, analyzes, represents, and compares mental models from texts. The MRT and a reading-comprehension task were undertaken by 123 undergraduates. Explores the immediate responses reported by a group of the present author's college-level students after they read "Hardening into Print," a contemporary poem by R. Eberhart. La conduite de récit en fonction des milieux sociaux d'appartenance: Implications pour la construction de systèmes de communication améliorés. Poétique, avec des extraits de la Politique et des Problèmes. An advantage of this conceptualization is that it enables one to generate empirically testable hypotheses about literary reading; we suggest a number of such hypotheses and methods of testing them. A écrire Vraiment ? We give an example involving doctor-patient dialogue to illustrate this point. Text: S. 378-379; Kommentar: S. 377. Experiment 1 demonstrated that our materials could show a predictability effect in a memory probe task following a rapid serial visual presentation sentence presentation. Texte e"tabli et traduit par J. HARDY. �(�. I will set up a Language Engineering environment whose goal is to combine software engineering and cognitive aspects (e.g. It is oriented towards the idea of mental models. Le texte poétique à l’école. How do people read the passages during a reading comprehension test? Piaget's theory of accommodation and assimilation). Texte gr. I. Nous allons parler et de la poétique elle-même et de ses espèces; dire quel est le rôle de chacune d'elles et comment on doit constituer les fables (01) pour que la poésie soit bonne; puis quel est le nombre, quelle est la nature des parties qui la composent: nous traiterons pareillement . xxvii-f. ( Collection des University de. « THE POETICAL USE OF « CODE SWITCHING » IN A LITERARY TEXT: STUDY OF THE MULTILINGUAL PHENOMENA IN VLADIMIR NABOKOV’S WRITING», in P. Noel and L. Seláf (eds. importance of sentences and their syntax in document understanding. Il est certains esprits dont les sombres1 pensées Sont d’un nuage épais toujours embarrassées ; Le jour de la raison ne les saurait percer. 1874] Menu Accordeon Toolbar Pagination Bar. xxvii-f. ( Collection des University de. (2005) and Then the main problem of literary social action in children is dealt with outlining the concept of cognitive developmental psychology (viz. Littérature -- Histoire et critique -- Théorie, etc. Il primo modello proposto permette di rappresentare gli aspetti dinamici degli oggetti e degli eventi sui quali è possibile effettuare il ragionamento computazionale. During a first session, two groups of students read a dialogue of Jean Tardieu, then produce a first recall (R1) and answer a first questionnaire (Q1) on the content of the text, and the " creative " inferences. Résumé Human Avant donc que d’écrire apprenez à penser. France.) Nous émettons l’hypothèse que la découverte des fonctions et des nécessités des artefacts utilisés par les acteurs peut guider dans la conception de nouveaux artefacts numériques d’apprentissages. On the one hand, models of interaction are required to better understand the communication phenomena. Investigates which content is supportive of, or distracting to, the central content. whether in bookstores? It is composed of three levels, which are machine surface code (MSC), machine text base (MTB) and machine situational model (MSM). AUTEURS SUGGÉRÉS. C'est de la conjugaison des efforts des différents spécialistes du texte et des psychologues cognitifs que doit naître la constitution de modèles de traitement qui puissent rendre compte à la fois des contraintes du système cognitif et du système linguistique. Révisez en Seconde : Cours Les caractéristiques du texte poétique avec Kartable ️ Programmes officiels de l'Éducation nationale II. The high MRT group has more VSWM ability in processing spatial descriptions, preserving this ability The implications of such a theory of sentence recognition are worked out for two experimental situations. During a second session, a pair of G1 group (« dramatization » Group) performs a staged text. Search publication. Finally, experiments and comparisons have been presented to show the better performance of TRMBK. comprehension measures. Haenggi et al. autres images du texte poetique. Il est donc primordial de montrer la source de plaisir que génère la poésie en permettant aux élèves de vivre poésie et de passer ensuite à l’a tion de création. Tags. Lisez ce Archives du BAC Commentaire de texte et plus de 246 000 autres dissertation. Models taking into account at the same time, the research in cognitive psychology and linguistics will raise from the joined attempts of specialists of text analysis and cognitive psychologists. 14 Huit questions de poétique structural states at each phase of processing; and (2) operations, which characterize evolutions in these informational states (Denhiere and Baudet 1987). par ... by Aristoteles. Les strophes Psychological process behind the comprehension of a poetic text. avec comm. Cognition, Le texte poétique repose sur l'art d'exprimer les émotions, les sentiments, c'est-à-dire la vision du monde du poète, par un travail sur le langage, les rythmes et les sonorités. REMERCIEMENTS La Division des programmes en français du ministère de l’Éducation de l’Île-du-Prince-Édouard est heureuse de mettre à la disposition du personnel enseignant de langue de la 7ee à la 12 année la version finale du guide La poésie, du jeu, des sons et des images. construction de systèmes de communication améliorés. To read the full-text of this research, you can request a copy directly from the author. We conclude that providing examinees without an explicit goal for reading may inadvertently encourage a ?search for the answer? Extension de la méthode instrumentale de Vygotski pour la conception d’artefacts numériques pour apprendre, Sémiotique Cognitive et Interprétation Lors de la Mise en Scène d’un Texte Littéraire, Le traitement du texte en prose et du texte en vers. In H. Mandl, E. DeCorte, N. Bennet, H.F. Friedrich (Eds. 113 Durant les premiers ans du Parnasse françois, 114 Le caprice tout seul faisait toutes les lois. Please, Tell me what you know, I will tell you what you can learn. Related Subjects: (10) Poétique -- Manuels d'enseignement supérieur. The results show that 11-year-olds spent more time on the inconsistent actions than on the consistent actions; in addition, 9-year-olds detected the inconsistency when illustrations were provided. Title: Aristote (0384-0322 av. of a poetic text. In Experiment 1, students studied an outline providing relevant background knowledge before reading an experimental text. Often listeners can come to a unique interpretation for an utterance only if they assume that the speaker designed it just so that they could come to that interpretation uniquely. Readers without an adequate situational understanding (novices) were found to make quick judgments based on surface and textbase characteristics of the test sentences, while experts in addition utilized their situation model successfully, which required more processing time. Psychologie Française 1990-V1 2 également montré l'insuffisance des conceptualisations centrées sur l'intervention WMg ` h @&Ѕ: P A #. defend la these selon laquelle l'hermeneutique post-moderne de G. Vattimo offre une nouvelle interpretation de l'histoire fondee sur la textualite de la litterature moderne et sur les experiences narratives et poetiques de la modernite, dont l'histoire passe par Descartes, Arendt et Heidegger. De nombreux poètes et poéticiens se sont interrogés sur "les enjeux subjectifs de la figuralité ou sur "le libre jeu de ses relations aléatoires, virtuellement infini dans ses prolongements interprétatifs" (Jenny, 1990, p. 84), notre objectif est d'interroger tout simplement "l'immédiateté représentative de l'énoncé versifié ", c'est-à-dire les effets d'un procédé poétique, la versification, sur la lecture, la compréhension est la mémorisation d'un texte. Several methods have been proposed for achieving robustness in natural language understanding, but these methods are sometimes hard to scale up or re-use in different applications. D - Une dimension … 1995; Pazzaglia and Cornoldi 1999). CM1-CM2- Production écrit - Texte poétique.pdf . explique notamment que, si le texte n’est pas toujours compréhensible lors de la première lecture, c'est que les mots ne renvoient pas à des objets, à des choses, mais à des idées voire à des textes. Production d'écrits et Vocabulaire. … Les théories interprétatives qui découlent de ces modèles ne peuvent cependant pas déboucher sur des modèles de traitement. Here, we introduce an intelligent algorithm, the event indexing and summarization (EIS) algorithm, for automatic document summarization, which is based on taking into account a cognitive psychological model, the event-indexing model, and the roles and.